Self-Paced ECG Interpretation Courses

A Simplified Approach To ECG Interpretation

Our self-paced, interactive videos make electrocardiogram and arrhythmia interpretation simple and understandable. Our ECG interpretation courses are designed to give a one-on-one feel to learning how to read an ECG. Get access to hours of video content, ECG practice tests, helpful ECG resources, and even Category 1 AMA or AOA CME Credits.

Learn ECG Interpretation With Self-Paced Video Courses

In addition to our interactive ECG interpretation courses and arrhythmia interpretation courses, you can also access courses for point of care echo, practice ECG tests, helpful interpretation resources, and even get Category 1 AMA or AOA CME credits.

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Sample ECG Interpretation Courses

Watch Samples Of Our ECG Interpretation Courses

Here are some sample videos from a few of our non-cme ECG reading courses. Some are abridged versions, but give you an idea of what is in store. All the videos have a detailed, interactive table of contents built in, allowing you to toggle between sections easily.

Student Testimonials

I had the pleasure of being lectured about electrocardiogram interpretation by Dr. Siegal during my cardiology training. Dr. Siegal captured these lectures in videos for self-education and training. They are informative and easy to understand in a field where ECG interpretations can be intimidating. I wish I had these videos during my medical school and training years.

Alan Ghaly, DO, FACC

"Dr. Siegal is a doctor's doctor. He has taken his clinical knowledge and experience and thankfully shared it with us in an informative and well written video."

Michael Friedman, DO, Assistant Professor, Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine

"The videos are great for people who are visual and audio learners. They go at a pace that is easy to understand and there are good visual examples."

V. Richardson

I intend to apply knowledge from this course in my new position as a monitor technician.

A. Wynter

After completing this course, I feel more confident in ECG interpretation. While still a novice, I now have the necessary tools to practice with interpretation in the clinical setting.

C. Hughes

Learned a lot of new information on interpreting EKG’s

A. Romero

This course was well organized and detailed. I appreciated you beginning with the basics. Axis determination is still difficult and I plan to rewatch several of the videos, but overall, I have certainly gained valuable knowledge and tools to better serve my patients. Thank you.

C. Hughes

Thank you for your outstanding [Point of Care Echo] course. It enabled me to pass my Critical Care Boards. I think it is applicable to any physician who might uses echo and think point of care echo will be the standard in the future. Before taking my recertification boards, I had never seen an echo, but after 2 hours with your course, I had no problem recognizing everything. Your course is ahead of its time. I recommend your course and teaching to anyone.

Anthony Ricketti, MD

Thank you for building a course that is easy to understand. The resource materials will be a great for reference moving forward. This is, by far, the best EKG course I have taken!

Brandy Hollabaugh, NP

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Basic and Advanced ECG Education + CME Available

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