Our Story

Born from a detailed and logical approach to reading electrocardiograms, this course presents a step-by-step, easy to follow approach that makes EKG interpretation simple and understandable.

The Early Days

I remember being overwhelmed by learning to read electrocardiograms in medical school. It felt like just memorizing a lot of material and criteria, but not being shown how to put it all together. In residency, I was fortunate to train with a group of cardiologists who spent a lot of time teaching the basics of cardiology, including anatomy, and physiology, and detailed a logical approach to reading electrocardiograms.

Watch A Sample Lesson

A Logical Approach To Interpreting ECGs

This video course teaches the approach and criteria that cardiologists use intuitively to interpret electrocardiograms. The information in each video is presented in a clear, succinct format, with detailed, easy-to-see illustrations. I approach each video as if we were sitting one-on-one. I take you step-by-step through each chapter.

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